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Gladiolus Place

Gladiolus Place is a non-profit residential refuge for vulnerable teenage Girls from diverse backgrounds. Within our walls, we foster holistic development — nurturing the body, mind, soul, and spirit in a safe and loving family environment.

Tailored therapeutic interventions and core areas such as academics, sports and the arts, life skills and socio-emotional resilience, character and values are our focus. Like the Gladiolus flower, symbolising strength, honour, and dignity, we envision each Girl under our care blooming into empowered women of character, embracing life to the fullest as transformed individuals.

At Gladiolus Place, we transcend the ordinary, standing as a beacon of compassion and dedicated service. More than a residential Home—we are a sanctuary of healing, growth, and love nestled at 6A Mattar Road.

Our unwavering commitment to Rebuilding Lives and Restoring Families defines our mission.

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Raise $100 or more in donations by 26 August 2024 to receive our exclusive CycleHome 2024 T-shirt. You will receive it one month after the Challenge ends.


What’s more, all supporters who raised $100 or more will also receive an invitation to our Appreciation Ceremony after the Challenge ends. Get ready to pedal, win attractive prizes, and show off your CycleHome spirit!

Cycling Challenge Details

Registration Period

27 May 14:00 - 26 Aug 2024 23:59 GMT+8

Fundraising Period

27 May 14:00 - 26 Aug 2024 23:59 GMT+8

Challenge Period

15 Jul 00:00 - 26 Aug 2024 23:59 GMT+8


This is a Cycling Challenge which can be performed outdoors from anywhere in the world. All you need is a Strava account.

Challenge Mechanism

Participants may sign up as individuals or teams, there will be no sign-up fee.

However, a minimum of $100 of funds raised is required to qualify for the event leaderboard.
Donations $10 & above would be eligible for 250% tax deduction.

Participation Fee

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Walk/Run Challenge Details

In CycleHome 2024, we're excited to introduce the Walk/Run Challenge as a separate category from cycling, allowing participants to step up their support in a whole new way. Here's what we would like you to know:

Challenge Overview

The Walk/Run Challenge is designed for those who prefer to walk or run instead of cycling. While the distance will not appear on the leaderboard or affect your cycling progress, it will be featured on your profile to showcase your commitment to our cause. Set your personal distance and fundraising goals within the designated period, and share your profile with your family and friends so that they can support you. Better yet, invite them to join you to get moving, go outdoors, and do good together!

Challenge Period

15 Jul 00:00 - 26 Aug 2024 23:59 GMT+8

Rewards and Contributions:

Participants in the Walk/Run Challenge will be entitled to rewards specific to this category, separate from those of cycling participants. However, the funds raised from walking and running distances will contribute to the overall fundraising target, regardless of the category.

How to Participate: